Ecoair Plastics is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of equipment using tehcnical plastics. We design and sell all kinds of equipment necessary for the extraction and filtering of polluting gases produced by the industry. We also take care of the supply of other industrial equipment in order to give to our customers a complete service.

Our products

Gas filtration

Various models of filters to treat all kinds of organic and inorganic gases.

Mist eliminators

Equipment for the separation of liquid and solid particles from gases. Product recovery.

Biological systems

Biological gas oxidation techniques with low environment impact.

Odor treatment

Compact equipment, with a high adsorption performance for most contaminants.

Centrifugal fans

Low, medium and high pressure equipment for flows between 500 and 100.000 m3/h.

Storage tanks

Design and supply of tanks to store chemical products, vats and stirred reactors.

Other products

Spare parts for fans, tanks, filters and other specifics.


Technical advise, assembly and after-sales services.

Our goal, a pollutant-free environment

Ecoair Plastics main goal is to guarantee the quality of the air in factory production environments, and filter these gases for their subsequent athmospheric emission, free of pollutants.

We offer a wide range of solutions for the treatment of harmful gases in the industrial field.

Technical plastics. The solutiuon against corrosion.

Ecoair Plastics is a young company formed by an experienced team in the design and manufacture of equipment with thermoplastic materials (PP, PPs, PPs-EL, HDPE, PVC, PVDF, E-CTFE). All our equipment is manufactured and validated according to European manufacturing standards, a guarantee that they will comply with the regulations applied at the destination.

Contact our team and request more detailed information about our catalogue of products and services.