Products and services

Odour treatment:

Adsorption equipment with activated carbon are compact units to control unwanted odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released in a wide variety of origins. 

Available in different sizes  and adsorbent media depending on the nature of the gases to be treated (activated carbon, activated alumina, perlite, etc.). More units can be added to accommodate future requirements. 

 Flow rates from 500 to 20,000 m3/h.

Other products:

  • Spill pails for the containment of spills and leaks from low capacity tanks. Capacities: 500, 1000 and 1500 liters.
  • Supply of ducts and ventilation accessories.
  • Dosing cabinets  with various pumps and safety elements.
  • Supply of spare accessories and consumables for gas filters.


On some equipment or installations, the absence of maintenance or even a deficient maintenance can lead to failures that have serious consequences for the people, equipment, or the continuity of the production process. The causes of failures can be multiple and have different origins: failures due to working conditions, parts wear, material fatigue, damage, deformations in the parts or fouling, etc.

To satisfy the needs of our customers, Ecoair Plastics offers a complete maintenance service with which it is possible to prevent future work anomalies and thus lengthen the useful life of the equipment.

Apart from after-sales care, after-sales service, at Ecoair Plastics we offer other services:

  • Technical inspections and industrial advice: Complete inspection of gas extraction and washing systems. Deficiencies are analyzed and solutions are offered to improve the performance of the installation in general.
  • Industrial assemblies: Assembly service for industrial equipment such as gas extraction networks, complete gas filtering installations, tanks, fans, etc.