Featured applications

Solutions for Rendering processes:

As experts in the field, we offer a wide variety of solutions for the meat and fish by-product conversion process industry, where we select the best solution that suits our clients based on the raw material and the production chain. from the factory in question.

  • Reduction of the environmental load inside  (elimination of vapors and reduction of the thermal load).
  • Free emission of odors.
  •  Lower energy consumption compared to other oxidative gas techniques.


Specific industry solutions. Through the technical study of the emitting focus and knowing the needs, we offer the solution that best suits to the client.

  • Electroplating: Control of the emissions generated during the coating process parts by immersion (cyanide gases, acids, alkalis, chrome, nickel etc).
  • Metal pickling: Solutions for the control of acid gas emissions released during the process of removing impurities from surfaces metal.
  • Pharmaceutical: Treatment of VOCs generated in the production process. Specific equipment to comply with the ATEX requirements demanded.
  • Rendering: Solutions for neutralizing a high range of precursors of bad odors and other pollutants, which are generated during the entire conversion process of meat or fish by-products.

  • Chemical industry: Equipment adapted to the needs of each process and designed to comply with the most restrictive requirements (use of specific high purity materials, for ATEX atmospheres, etc.).
  • Safety equipment: Systems specifically designed to control uncontrolled leaks. Focused on those processes that have gas storage rooms dangerous smoothies.
  • Foundry: Solutions for the capture and removal of contaminants during the casting process with sand.
  •  Slurry treatment: Solutions for load reduction ammoniacal slurry and remediation of emissions ammonia. Revaluation of waste.